Coconut Tooth Floss
Coconut Tooth Floss
Coconut Tooth Floss
Coconut Tooth Floss

Coconut Tooth Floss

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Remove gunk & funk & junk from in between teeth with o natural coconut oil-based wax that wont harm teeth or gums  


Pop open container 

Thread string through tenth

Gently pull back and forth & curve around tooth to clean 

Bin it- smile  

What Is it
A fun floss routine? Sign us up.

This vegan coconut wax floss is fluff-free, gentle on gums, super strong and flexible enough to squeeze in between teeth to remove gunk, funk & junk.

The coconut oil-enriched fibres act as a natural antimicrobial treatment that helps to soothe gums while scrubbing away all that plaque. 
Better yet, its natural tropical coconut flavour will have you dreaming of an island vacay, lychee mojito in hand.
  • Strong fluff-free floss 
  • Handy travel case  
  • Delicious tropical coconut flavour 
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Neutral certified
How Does It Work + Benefits

Those teeth of yours are hoarders — they’re always hanging onto plaque, tartar, leftover food and other junk they don’t need. Think of this floss like a super-cleansing loofah for your pearly whites, grabbing and lifting away the nasty stuff hiding between your teeth and navigating those extra-hard-to-reach places that other floss dare not go.

  • Assists to help prevent cavities
  • Assists to remove plaque
  • Fights bad breath
  • Coconut oil wax soothes gums 

Wax: Bean Wax, Coconut Oil, Natural Coconut Flavour. 

Floss: Nylon

No Parabens. No Phthalates. No Triclosan. No SLS. No Peroxides. No Artificial Colors. No Artificial Colours. No Artificial Sweeteners. No Animal Derived Ingredients.